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Commercial Garage Doors

What Are Commercial Garage Doors?

Search for Kansas City commercial garage door companies? A commercial garage door helps fulfill business needs, including security needs. Because of the overall security impact, this is a very important purchase.

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Why Is Hiring a Professional Kansas City Commercial Garage Door Company So Important?

Most commercial garage doors are constructed from high-quality steel. Despite sometimes having a marked difference in appearance, these types of doors share much in common with steel residential doors.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about commercial doors is that they often open and close more frequently than residential doors, leading to more wear. Because these doors get so much usage, they require heavier-duty hinges and hardware in general to keep everything operational. 

The steel that these doors are constructed from may also be heavier-duty steel. Heavier steel ensures that the door withstands more frequent opening, such as is often seen in car dealerships or fire stations. Any materials used in this capacity need to have a rating that applies to heavy use.

Although most Kansas City commercial garage doors are overhead doors, many businesses use rolling steel doors. In addition to these types of doors, businesses may also benefit from using Aluminum framed glass doors. 

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How Would a Commercial Garage Door Be Purchased and Installed?

A commercial garage door will be purchased from and installed by a dealer who specializes in this type of work. When you opt to go through a professional, you will know that everything has been installed right. Overhead garage doors are one of the most important investments you will make in your commercial property, so it is essential to get everything just right.

The process starts with meeting with your dealer. During your initial meeting with your dealer, you will be able to determine which door is the best for your property and what special touches or features, if any, need to be added. This process is fully customizable from start to finish.

Commercial Garage Door Service

When you’ve decided what you want for your commercial garage door in Kansas City, and it’s time for the installation, the installer will make sure they have all the necessary parts to make sure that everything works as expected. The installation process will even include the opener and the components that go along with this device, so your system is always in perfect working order. 

What Happens If You Buy an Inferior Door or It is Installed Wrong?

Buying an inferior door or having the door installed wrong could have frustrating or even financially damaging consequences. Anything wrong with your door could put anything inside your building at risk. Even if the problem is only cosmetic in nature, this could impact customers’ perception of your building.

When there is something structurally wrong with the door, you may have problems getting it to open and close properly. The products and equipment in your building are less safe from theft. Another situation that may occur is your not being able to open the door when needed, taking up a lot of time as you try to regain access.

Garage Commercial Door Repair

Sometimes, doors that are installed wrong have incompatible or otherwise poorly-suited parts that can cause problems. Such problems can cost more in the long run because you may have to worry about repairs on top of everything else. Getting a door of the appropriate quality will help prevent such problems from occurring in the first place, so you don’t have to think about going through costly repairs.

Radio Controlled Garage Door and Gate offers installation and repair for Kansas City commercial garage door customers, contact us to learn more about our services and what we can do for your commercial property.

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