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Custom Wood Garage Doors

What are Custom Wood Garage Doors?

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Custom wood garage doors help provide a better aesthetic look for many properties. In many cases, adding one of these doors can increase a property’s curbside appeal and overall value. 

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Are Wood Garage Doors in Kansas City Still Popular?

Custom wood doors are often described as carriage house-style and are one of the more high-end types of doors that many Kansas City-area homes use. One of the reasons these doors are popular is their durability, featuring quality wood easily comparable to steel in longevity. The chances of having to replace one of these doors are very low.

Kansas City wood garage doors help houses stand out from others using steel doors. Regardless of whether your home is the only one on your street with one of these doors or if all your neighbors use them, you can be assured that your home’s curbside appeal will increase. There are nearly endless possibilities for how you can opt to have one of these doors designed, making them a great choice for businesses as well.  

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How Are Custom Wood Garage Doors Purchased & Installed?

Custom wood garage doors are purchased and installed with the help of a professional specializing in these doors. When you use a company specializing in this type of work, you will be working with a group of professionals who will provide design and selection services.

One important part of the process is ensuring that the preferred wood is appropriate for exterior usage. Any door used on the outside of a garage needs to withstand temperature extremes and heavy precipitation. Regardless of the wood species chosen, the door will receive any necessary treatments to keep the wood in top shape.

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Some types of wood, like pine and cedar, weather well, while others, like red oak, do not, despite having a reputation for being strong. Cedar is a popular wood choice for exterior doors because it weathers very well. The professional you work with will make sure you’re making the right choice before you begin. Regardless of the species chosen you should always use kiln dried lumber. Kiln dried lumber will keep its shape better and provide a longer lasting product.

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A crucial part of the installation process is making sure there is an allowance for wood expansion and contraction because of the weather. When the fabricator makes allowances for this natural movement, the door will work as expected for longer.

What Happens If Custom Wood Garage Doors Are Installed Wrong?

One of the most obvious problems that come from buying inferior doors is that they will not last as long as their more durable counterparts. Lesser-quality wood doors used in a garage often use wood that is more flimsy. A common problem associated with low-quality wood is a greater likelihood of rotting and other types of wearing.

Inferior-quality doors may have a poor fit, often becoming stuck. While stuck doors are always an inconvenience, a door that gets stuck too often could get damaged if too much force is required to get the door unstuck. This amount of damage could lead to expensive repairs being required.

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There is also a risk that improper installation can cause difficulties. For example, using parts for the wrong type of door can make it hard for the door to open and close properly. The parts used on garage doors aren’t something that can or should be owner-serviced, so you’ll have to think about a repair when you have problems.

Improper installation can also be a problem when a door opener has been installed wrong. These openers have a number of parts that must be positioned properly to work as expected. Having these doors or any of their components installed by someone who is not an authorized professional increases the risk of problems.

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