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Searching for Kansas City entry gate companies or private gate systems for your residential property?

Entry gates offer an attractive way of welcoming visitors to your property and providing security. The right gate will provide greater curbside appeal.

Read on to learn more about what to expect with entry gates.

Why Are Front Entry Gates So Popular?

Entry gates are used for commercial and residential properties. The number of forms and functions for these gates is virtually unlimited. For example, gates may range from elaborate wrought iron used at large estates to simpler designs for businesses.

Automatic entry gate systems also support remote openers, offering a greater range of convenience and security. Anyone who needs a gate, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial customers, will have greater peace of mind.

Because there are so many design options, property owners don’t need to worry about a gate detracting from their home or business property. A gate can be designed to incorporate artwork that appeals to a homeowner or have the street number incorporated into the design, so the property is easier to find. 

Some Kansas City entry gate dealers and installers use premanufactured gate and others fabricate every gate custom for each order. Using a company like ours that fabricates their own gates will help ensure that you receive the exact design you desire and need.

How Are Entry Gates Purchased and Installed?

Entry gates are purchased from and installed by technicians with experience installing gates and openers. The three most popular gate styles are swing, sliding, or lift gates, with technicians knowing how to install each type perfectly.

Your Kansas City gate technician will work with you to select the right gate for your needs. For example, swing gates are among the most convenient options but require a lot of space. Slide gates are the most secure when installed properly. Slide gates cost about the same a swing gates. Lift gates are more complex than other types, making them somewhat rare. The professional will install the gate in a way that provides the clearance that everyone needs. 

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Gates may have openers that either open or close the gate automatically and use entry codes. One of the advantages of using an opener is not having to get out of a car to open the gate. When a gate uses entry codes, it is easier to restrict entry only to people who have the codes.

The gate and any openers used will should have professional installation. When the gate is installed by a professional with the proper experience, you have more assurance of everything working correctly.

What Happens If You Buy an Inferior Gate System for Your Property?

When your entry gate company uses inferior products or is installed wrong, you may have to deal with your gate not functioning as intended, not having the appearance that you want, or leaving your home or business unprotected. With improper installation techniques a gate may begin to lean in a short amount of time. Because all of these are undesirable situations, you need to make sure you entrust the job to professionals with the right experience. 

Gates assembled with the wrong parts or poor-quality parts are often difficult to open and close. Parts crucial to the proper opening may stick at bad times, possibly making the gate inoperable. 

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Some Kansas City gate installers try to cut costs by using a mix of parts from different manufacturers. While this practice does save on expenses, it does not always result in the most reliable system. Besides working inefficiently, openers that are incompatible may also cause safety issues. Gates open and close with sufficient force that they may cause damage or injury if the opener does not detect anything in the gate’s path.

When gates are unsecured, anything behind your fencing is vulnerable to theft or vandalism. Although saving money here and there seems good, entry gates are something that you want to make sure you don’t skimp on, cost-wise.

Radio Controlled Garage Door and Gate fabricates and installs entry gates, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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