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What are Glass Garage Doors?

Searching for companies that sell and install glass garage doors in Kansas City?

Glass garage doors are a popular option for people who are looking for something different. There are many advantages to considering glass doors, as well as special considerations to keep in mind.

Read on to learn about these doors and why you may wish to consider them.

Why Are Glass Garage Doors So Popular?

Glass doors for garages, although not the most economical option, are wonderful additions to modern homes. This type of garage door utilizes an Aluminum frame to hold large glass panels. The panels can be single pane, dual panel, or even solid insulated panels. There are many glass options available. Frosted, tinted, bronze tinted, double dark tinted are all possibilities to give a truly unique look to your project. The Aluminum frame also provides a lifetime of durable maintenance free service. Unlike the possibility of wood rot or rusting steel, Aluminum will not degrade with time.

On many of these doors, the glass portion of the door is full-length. Real-life examples of how these overhead doors are used is in fire stations that have full-length glass doors allowing everyone to easily see what is inside. This usage is one that most of the public is likely familiar with.  

Although seeing all the contents of a garage isn’t something appealing to many homeowners, there are Kansas City glass garage door options that help to maintain privacy. Frosted, raindrop, and tinted glass are some of the options that help you maintain your privacy. A great new look that allows you to maintain privacy increases your home’s curbside appeal. 

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How Are Overhead Glass Garage Doors Purchased and Installed?

Kansas City glass garage doors are often purchased and installed as part of a new home build. The professionals who install these doors work closely with homeowners, as well as architects and designers, to ensure a satisfactory job gets done. Choosing the right door is a crucial part of this process, especially where doors are visible from the street.

The process for installing one of the full-view glass doors on a garage is similar to installing a wood garage door. Great care is taken with the installation because the panels on these doors are heavier than most metal doors. Technicians installing these doors will work hard to prevent scratches, as well as breaking the glass.

Glass Garage Doors

When purchasing one of these doors from a company specializing in installation, the process is the same as for buying a metal garage door. The technician will make sure that the door selected has the correct size and clearances before beginning the installation.

When an existing glass door has a broken pane, technicians can easily replace the pane. The door manufacturers provide training to all their dealers so they can handle these situations without any problems.

What Happens If You Buy an Inferior Product or If They Are Installed Wrong?

If you buy an inferior door or it is installed wrong, there are multiple problems you can face. One of the most obvious issues is that the door may not look just right. Because a high-end garage door is a major investment, you want to make sure it adds to your curbside appeal instead of detracting from it.

When a door is installed wrong, it might be the wrong size or lack the proper clearance for usage. One of the problems associated with doors in such situations is that they may not open or close properly. Your possessions are not only vulnerable to theft, but there is a risk of damaging the door if used without being properly repaired.

Glass Garage Doors

Inferior doors use components that are of poor quality and not designed to last. Although these types of doors may look similar to options installed by professionals, the difference could become obvious the first time you have weather damage. The initial lower cost of a lesser-quality door won’t offset the more expensive repairs that are likely necessary when something happens. 

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