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Get the performance & longevity of steel garage doors with the beauty and elegance of wood with our custom steel wood trimmed garage door in Kansas City

What are trimmed steel doors?

Wood Trimmed steel doors are one of the most poppular alternatives to full wood doors for those on a smaller budget. Although many like the look of wood doorrs, they are economical, have the greatest cost. With a steel door that has wood trim, people who want their garage door to have that unique look that comes from wood but spend less money overall have a perfect solution.

When using a steel door featuring added trim, homeowners and business property owners have the same durability that comes with an all-steel door. However, the aesthetics are very similar to the look that comes with a wood door. Those who choose one of these doors are getting the best of both worlds by making this choice.

Recent Custom Wood-Trimmed Steel Garage Door Projects

How Are Custom Steel Trimmed Garage Doors Purchased and Installed?

Custom steel trimmed garage doors are purchased from and installed by professionals specializing in garage doors. These companies source flush steel garage doors, to use as the blanks for the trim door. The trim is added to the door before installation to ensure a perfect look and to calculate final springing weight.

Buying doors that use high-quality trim helps ensure a better, more durable product. The trim is made to be in the weather ensuring that you don’t have to contend with rotting. When property owners are choosing doors that use trim, they will be able to take advantage of the same design process that applies to full wood doors.

You will have control over the process from the time the designers draft your design to the time your door is ready for installation. As standard, custom steel trim doors should be insulated garage doors with steel on the outside and inside. Insulated doors with a wood trim feature the same quality manufacturing process as other doors.

The completed door will be installed using methods that ensure a smooth fit. A garage door opener will also be installed at this time to ensure easier operation. Using professionals with the right experience provides a smoother overall process and helps ensure a longer lasting product.

What Happens If You Buy an Inferior Door Or If It’s Installed Wrong?

When you buy an inferior door, you will see the effects of the lesser quality very quickly. Doors with poor quality usually have trim that rots, wears out or otherwise shows signs of damage very quickly. Sometimes, the trim will not be able to withstand relatively minor wind damage.

At the very least, such doors will not wear very well. Any of the damage could become unsightly and worsen over time. The longer these problems go uncorrected, the greater the chances of costly repairs or even full replacements becoming necessary

Installing one of these doors incorrectly may also have damaging effects. One of the things that anybody installing a door needs to do is make sure everything aligns properly. Otherwise, the door will not open or close as smoothly or efficiently.

Sometimes, installers without sufficient experience cut corners with the methods they use or use lesser-quality parts. If any installer does not take sufficient time to install everything correctly, there is a greater chance of something breaking down. The costs are higher in the end because of the unexpected repairs likely to come about.

Using the wrong parts is also a possible hazard of improper installation. When the parts are not compatible, this also increases the chances of things not working right.

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