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Who should perform the installation for you New Garage Door?

Searching for garage door installation services in Kansas City? New garage door installation can make a major difference in your garage’s appearance, longevity, and help increase your property value. In addition to providing a needed facelift, a new door can help keep everything in your garage more secure for greater peace of mind.

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Why is Professional Garage Door Installation So Important?

Proper garage door installation is important because of the difference that quality makes. Poor installations lead to a multitude of problems,. while quality installations will help ensure the door’s overall longevity and smooth operation.

When a door is installed properly, the operation works as smoothly and easily as possible. Doors with proper installation are also quieter for the most part, although the materials used for construction may also play a role even with proper installation.

Properly-installed doors also require less maintenance. Although no garage door is maintenance-free, correct methods help keep what is required down to a minimum. One of the things that property owners can feel assured about is that with a quality installation the methods used will minimize the chances of servicing being required. 

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How are New Garage Door Installations Performed?

New garage door installation in Kansas City may come about either from new construction or from choosing to replace an existing door. Age or broken parts like rollers or hinges may spur a need for a new door.

In any case, installing a new garage door provides a fresh new look inside and outside the garage. The better the quality of the installation, the better the door will run and the longer it will last. Your door will also require less maintenance with better installation.

A professional who installs a new door will make sure the old door and its components are properly and safely removed. The new door is installed using current best practices to help ensure everything is properly aligned. Your installing technician will also make sure the garage door and all accessories pass the safety inspection.

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You have the option of taking advantage of design consult services to get the best possible fit for your needs. One of the advantages of this optional consult is having a door that has been specifically for your needs and design.

New garage doors are among some of the wisest investments that you can make for your home. By many estimates, having a new garage door installed provides a 97% return when selling a home. Experts have estimated that the 97% return applies since at least 2017, so this is likely to be reality for the foreseeable future.  

What Happens If Your Garage Door is Installed Incorrectly?

When your door is installed wrong or with inferior parts, there are several issues that you may need to think about. Although a relatively mild issue in the broader scheme of things, installing a door that is a poor match for the home’s architecture or that uses obviously poor materials will ruin your home’s curbside appeal.

Improperly-installed doors often fail to open or close properly. A garage door that doesn’t close right leaves your possessions vulnerable to theft. Another hazard of not having your door close properly is letting in rain or snow that could lead to water damage.

If someone installs a door with the wrong tools or parts, the end result could be a far more expensive repair being required. Using the wrong tools or parts also leads to the possibility of injuries.

For example, the wrong hinges or springs may keep the door from operating properly, sometimes ending up stuck in a partially-open position. The door could also end up being impossible to open. With the springs on doors being highly-tensioned, a person trying to fix the door without knowing what to do could get injured.

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Garage door replacement cost can vary greatly in cost and it depends a lot upon the material type (wood, vinyl, steel), the level of customization (ie steel with wood trim), the dimension of the garage door opening in terms of width and height, and any features such as hardware or windows.   We provide custom quotes to make sure that you get the best garage door for your goals and budget.

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While we are not a garage door manufacturer, we do have a production facility in Kansas City that enables us to customize many door features, especially creating custom steel doors with exterior wood trim.