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What Are Steel Garage Doors?

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Steel garage doors are often cited as one of the most economical options for a garage. One of the things that makes a huge difference is using a company with knowledgeable installers that are proud to stand by their work like ours.

What benefits will having a steel door installed on your garage make? Why are these doors one of the best options? Read on to learn more about these doors and what benefits they offer for your garage.

Why Are Steel Doors the Best For Your Home?

Steel doors used in garages are one of the most versatile entry options for a home. As big a role as a garage plays in many homes, it’s easy for homeowners to overlook the door. When you decide your garage area needs a facelift, replacing a steel door is one way to give your garage the new look that you want.

One of the benefits of using a steel door is its versatility in design. You can easily find a steel door that fits your home style, regardless of how traditional or modern the home is. These doors are among some of the easiest to customize for any look.

Another advantage of the durability of steel doors is that they don’t require replacement as often as wood or some other materials do. You also don’t have to think about regular painting and maintenance. Barring some type of severe damage due to a catastrophic event, you’re unlikely to have to need these doors replaced.

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How Are Steel Garage Doors Installed?

Steel garage doors are installed as part of a single sheet of steel that may or may not feature insulation, depending on the price you pay. Even the most economical doors may have struts attached during installation to ensure proper opening and closing. Using a professional with the right experience helps ensure that everything with the new door works as expected.

The door opener equipment is one of the most important parts of the installation process. This device will help ensure that your door always opens properly, as well as closes when you require it to close, without having to worry about manual operation.

Steel Garage Doors Kansas City

When your new Kansas City steel garage door is installed by a professional, you’ll have the reassurance that everything has been handled properly and that your door will work as expected. 

What Happens if Steel Garage Doors Are Installed Wrong or an Inferior Product is Used?

If a steel door is installed wrong or made with inferior steel or garage door brand, you may have a disappointing experience. One of the most common problems arising from an improper installation is having the door running rough. A door that closes roughly is not going to give you the sense of security that you require.

Another effect of a poorly-installed door is a loud clattering noise. Besides indicating that your door likely isn’t secure, the loud noise can be disruptive to your household and your neighbors. A door that makes that much noise may end up breaking down at some point.

Steel Garage Doors

Improper installation may also cause the door’s tracks to be higher on one side than the other. When the tracks are out of alignment, the door may end up bending or twisting, keeping it from opening or closing properly altogether. Such a situation may require the door to be replaced altogether.

Lastly, improper installation leads to higher costs because you will likely require repair or replacement sooner. Radio Controlled Garage Door and Gate is Kansas City’s best steel garage door company and offers the installation and repair services that you need for steel garage doors, contact us today for more information about our services. 

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In many case, yes, steel garage doors are the best choice in Kansas City based on affordability, energy efficiency (if insulated) and durability.  Further, they can be painted and customized with wood trim to work on homes in virtually any price range.